Embracing the Unexpected

For the doctoral research 'Connecting the Dots', affiliated with the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Conservatoire, Lies Colman delves into intensive artistic productions and collaborations, and can count on the commitment of like-minded souls such as mezzosoprano Els Mondelaers, composer Annelies Van Parys author Gaea Schoeters, soprano Britt Truyts, visual artist Annik Rachel Klaes, word artist Annelies Beck, researchers Jeroen Malaise and Thomas Moore, cellist-researcher Stijn Saveniers, soprano Johanna Zimmer, soprano Elise Caluwaerts, photographer Koen Broos, poet Johanna M. Pas etc.

The support of professional organisations is also indispensable: thanks to Muziektheater Transparant, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, Concertgebouw Brugge, Passa Porta, Kasko (NL) et al.

Solo, Chamber music & Lied

Artistic cross-pollinations and inspiring collaborations often develop into friendships and long-term partnerships, on and off stage: Henri Raudales (violin), Luis Andrade (cello), Katarina Bassez (violin), Tom Hermans (piano), Anne Boeykens (clarinet) and the Anne Boeykens Formation, Peter Verhoyen (piccolo/flute), Dimitri Mestdag (oboe d'amore), Elise Caluwaerts (soprano), Britt Truyts (soprano), Els Mondelaers (mezzosoprano), Knut Sticklestadt (bass), Johanna Zimmer (soprano), Lore Binon (soprano), Jonathan De Ceuster (countertenor), Annelies Van Gramberen (soprano), Noémie Schellens (soprano), Naomi Beeldens (soprano), Liesbeth Devos (soprano), Kobe Baeyens (baritone), Lies Vandewege (soprano)...


CD Projects

In 2012, Lies Colman's solo debut CD was released, "Tête à tête with Chopin". In the same year, she collaborated on "C'est l'extase langoureuse" by the Dutch baritone Frank Hermans. In 2014, the CD with the piano quintets of Beethoven and Spindler was released, recorded with the Boeykens Formation, subsidised by the Flemish Government and awarded the "Golden Label" by  Klassiek Centraal. In 2017 the new album of sonatas for cello and piano by Lysenko, Borodin and Kossenko with cellist Luis Andrade (P) wcame out. In 2020 'Adieu' was released: a collaboration with 11 singers and 10 poets, in cooperation with Poëziecentrum and Literatuur Vlaanderen.

Dead Ladies Show

A series of sparkling cafés chantants about remarkable women from the past who deserve lasting admiration.

Curator and author Gaea Schoeters was inspired by the German Dead Ladies shows, and adds a musical component alongside the literary. For each edition, she invites three inspiring guest speakers, plus singer and regular pianist Lies Colman. Together they put five unforgettable - but sometimes forgotten - women in the spotlight. A project by Passa Porta and Gaea Schoeters.

Click here for an overview of all editions and playlists.